2018 Aluminum Alloy Bike Phone Holder Smartphone Cradle Holder Bicycle, Motorcycle, Baby phone mount

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Minimum Purchase:
10 units
Aluminum alloy
4.7 - 6 inches devices

1. Compatible with most smartphones dimension 4.7 - 6 inches. iPhone 6/6plus, 7/7plus can fit in.

2. Made of durable material - aluminum alloy. The phone mount has great vibration resistance, very tough and uneasy to break.

3. Great companion as a music player or navigation while on your trip.

4. Rubbery pad keeps your phone away from scratches and holds strong enough to not let the phone falling off.

5. Triangle clamp secures phone in every direction. You can customize the tightness by adjusting the screw besides.

  • Material: Aluminum alloy.
  • Color: Black, Silver.
  • Easy screw tight design.
  • Powerful magnets, holds phone even stronger.
  • Durable and sturdy, uneasy to break.
  • Compatible with most phone dimension 4.7 - 6 inches.
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