2018 Aluminum Alloy Laptop Stand Desktop Stand for Notebook 18 Degree Tilting Angle

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Minimum Purchase:
10 units
18 degrees tilt angle
Aluminum alloy
  1.  The laptop stand is composed of aluminum alloy, it makes the stand lightweight and looks exquisite.

      2. The laptop fits impeccably for long time reading, particularly for white collars in office. Proper tilting angle of viewing may guarantees productive work, reducing neck pain and eye strain. 

     3.  Lifted device with better airflow lets drive and CPU in best performance, the aluminum metal helps a lot in cooling additionally.

     4. With padded inserts and cushion stoppers, the laptop stand is able to let device avert scratches, meanwhile it can stand more stable.

     5. Lucky for you if you are trying to put all the cables and wires in order as the back hollowed out was designed for this. No more mass on the desk but a clear ergonomic work space.

  • Material: Aluminum alloy.
  • Color: Silver, Gold.
  • 18 degrees tilt angle for comfortable reading.
  • Reduce backaches, neck strains or eye strains.
  • Padded non-slip inserts fastened the stability.
  • Provides better airflow to reduce strain on battery.
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