Aluminum Mini Desk Stand Foldable Cell Phone Holder with Silicone Pads for iPhone7, 7 plus, iPhone6, 6s, Samsung

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315 degree rotating

1. HARP&COOL - This Foldable Phone Tablet Stand is made out of aluminum alloy, it got polished matte surface that is pleasure to touch. 

2. HOLLOWED OUT - The hollowed out design means less metal, means less weight so that easy to carry. And that hole is totally available for charging while using, saved a lot trouble.

3. DOUBLE ROLLING - The Holder With Silicone Pads is not inflexible or only got one bend joint, but two! Can be folded flat, and adds extra choice of angling, suits in various occasions.

4. UNIVERSAL - Curvy Foldable Stand for any of your beloved phones and tablets and Nintendo Switch. Not to mention, you can put a book or paper on it too.

5. PORTECTOR - And with silicone pads set on hook and base, there’s no need to worry about scratches or stand not steady.


  • Material: Aluminum+silicone.
  • Color: Black, Gold, Red, Rose gold, Silver.
  • 315 degree rotating adjustable.
  • Portable and easy to fold.
  • Durable and sturdy, uneasy to break.
  • Compatible with most devices.
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