4 Easiest Ways Always Been Ignored That Can Revive Your Phone Battery From Dead

Posted by GB Blog Official (ReEdit By Shengning) on 29th Mar 2018

With mobile phones now widely used across almost every age group, people increasingly experience diminishing standby times followed prolonged use. But why this happens?

The primary cause is the quality of the phone battery and that’s why maintenance of your phone battery is so crucial. It's never too late to learn how to prolong the life span. Now I will show you these secret lifehack in a quick and easy way.

Method 1: Wipe your phone clean

After long-term use, the metal surface of the lithium battery suffered from oxidation, even the contacts,which will eventually shorten the lifespan and inevitable turning dead battery. You need to carefully remove any residue or rust in it from time to time, in order to make sure the battery has a clean contact with the phone.

wipe smartphone after removing battery

Wipe smartphone after removing the battery

To get this done, gently wipe the metal contents of the battery and your mobile phone with a suitable cleaning tool. This also improves recharging efficiency and the battery use duration.

Method 2: Freeze the dead battery, let it revive.

The secret of batteries work is the inside lithium reactions - positive and negative electric collide with each other. Under normal indoor temperature, the kinetic energy is relatively sizeable, as the battery is maintaining an active state, the electric leakage frequently occurs. 

On the flip side, under low-temperature conditions, the lithium coating on the battery's surface, along with the electrolyte micro-structure and the interface will be significantly altered, which leads to a temporary inactive state that minimizes electric leakage. This condition extends the life of phone battery, so it allows to be recharged across more cycles.

Store battery in a plastic bag

store battery in plastic bag

Step 1:

Wrap your aging phone battery in old newspaper and rewrap it with plastic film 2 times. Alternatively, put the battery inside a tightly sealed plastic bag, so it can be divided from moisture.

Step 2:

Place the battery in the ice compartment of your fridge, and take it out after 3 days.

Step 3:

Remove the wrapping and place the battery in a cool location away from direct sunlight for 2 days.

Step 4:

Insert the battery into your phone but don't power on your device. Instead, plug the phone into the proper charger and allow the device to charge for 48 hours.

After the device has charged for 48-hours, turn the device on and check the battery power level. If nothing goes wrong typically, your previous dead battery would revive as a holyand ready to work again!

Method 3: Try jump starting the battery

This method is generally effective for mobile phone batteries.Either they had reached their lifespan limit or had been left discharged for a long period.Or this can also occur to the battery that had been througha long-distance shipping.

Try jump starting smartphone battery

Try jump starting smartphone battery

Before doing this, you will need the following:

  • 9V battery, for its easy-to-access terminals

  • A length of split wire to connect to the battery

  • Electrical tape to secure the wire

  • The battery itself

Step 1:

The positive and negative terminals on the 9V battery will be clearly marked. Identify them and connect the corresponding side of your wire to each terminal, be sure to cover the connection with electrical tape for safety.

Step 2:

On your cell phone battery, the positive and negative terminals will also be marked. Connect the wire to these as well.Again, beware to secure the electrical tape andNEVER connect a positive side to a negative side.

Step 3:

Leave the batteries connected for between 10 to 60 seconds, or just long enough for your cell phone battery to get warm. Monitor the temperature and time closely.

Step 4:

As soon as the battery becomes warm, disconnect the batteries immediately. DO NOT try to fully charge your cell phone battery this way. Place the battery on your phone. You may need to charge the battery the rest of the way as normal, then try to power on the phone.

Method 4: A small bulb may help

Fully discharge the aging battery and recharge it to activate it. By doing this kind of deep discharging, the aim is to prime the battery for deeper recharging by fully draining out internal energy first.

You will need 2 pieces of wires here and connect it to the positive and negative pole of your phone battery.

Following this, connect your phone to a 1.5V small bulb.

Activate smartphone battery with bulb

activate smartphone battery with bulb

Any residual power contained in the battery will be transferred to the bulb until it has been fully exhausted.

Note: the bulb light will gradually grow dimmer until there is no light emitted. This method is not the most effective, but it works to some extent.


Actually, the best method is daily care.

You should adhere to the standard charging procedures and times as close as possible, it’s better to do this during the initial 3 times, and ideally for the first time. When your phone shows the low battery warning, try your best to charge it immediately.

Finally, avoid charging your phone overnight, even if it's a habit, due to the impact that unstable charging voltage can have on your phone's battery.