Colorful Desktop Silicone Pyramid Tablet Stand Car Mount Dashboard Cell Phone Stand with Multiple Tilting Angle

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Minimum Purchase:
10 units
4 different angles from 4 sides
  1. 4 directions. 106.6°fits tablet, 120°fits vertical smartphone, 121°fits daily cell phone watching or mount on car, 130.7°fits mount on car for navigation.

     2. Unbelievable light silicone stand weighs only 0.06kg, but when devices are placed in the slots, it becomes unquestionably sturdy as the weights add more friction between the stand and surface.  

     3. The silicone made pyramid stand also advance in durability. Water rinse the gadget then the dust covered on would be swept away, turning good as new again.

     4. The outer skin of the stand has been oil coated. Smooth to touch, and certainly will not cause any scratching to your beloved cell phone.

     5. The designed got the inspiration from pyramid, mean to endue the modern technology with a piece of ancient civilization. Additionally, 5 popular colors you can choose.

  • Material: Silicone.
  • Color: Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple.
  • 4 different angles from 4 sides.
  • Weighs light so it’s portable.
  • Oil painted surface, smooth to touch.
  • Has great compatibility with various devices like iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablets, etc.
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