Customs & Import Tax

1. About customs & import tax

Customs is a government agency responsible for regulating shipments entering a country or region. All shipment from a

different country may cost some custom duties.

In some countries, you will have to pay for the taxes or duties on imported goods.

The rule are different in every country. However,there is no way for us to know every countries rules. Therefore,we can not

offer specific advice about taxes in your country. As a buyer, it is important for you to under your tax policy before ordering.

  If there is some tax or duties when you receive the package, we are sorry that the customer should pay for that. If you have

any questions about tax fee charge, please contact our customer service

2. Questions:


If the items are detained by customs, who is responsible for clearance of the items?

If the items are detained by Customs after the ship left the seller's country, the buyer is requested to deal with it.


If a very large order is delivered from China to my country, will customs seize my order?

Yes, it is possible. We suggest you ask the customer service in advance to split your orders into several smaller packages,

to be shipped out on different days to avoid possible seizure. 


Who is responsible for package destroy due to the customer not pay for the tax or duties?

It is the buyer's responsibility to pay for the custom duties or tax. If the package was destroyed by the custom department

due to the customer reject to pay for the fee, the seller have no responsibility to ship new items or refund order.