Square Shape Magnetic Mount Stand Car Dashboard Suspension Phone Holder

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360 Rotating

Powerful magnetic stand as the smartphone holder. Stick on dashboard. Hold phone in place.


1. STRONG MAGNECTIC never let your phone slide. The mount stand got 5 inner rare earth permanent magnets. Cooperate with 2 metal plates (one for outside case, one for inside case), the holder offers great suction without effecting navigation or GPS.

2. FLEXIBLE ARM to add extra angle adjustment. Its ergonomic design looks well, but also works great. You can angle it by about 120 degree to suit your personal preference. The sticky base stabilizes the whole unit even when cornering at speed or sudden brake. And it won't leave a mark when removed.

3. SAFER AND EASIER. Do you realize how dangerous can be when accessing your iPhone on the road? Much more tragic accidents would be avoid if you keep your eye-sight forward. With this friendly and cute little magnet, regular calls and live video calls are totally OK, and it’s not against traffic law.

4. CONVINENT 360°ROTATION. When you locked the phone on magnetic stand, you can freely angle your phone from vertical to horizontal. CHARGING IS NO PROBLEM as this holder has no frame to block the charger.

5. DECENT FINISH: Its material is PC and the surface has been polished by piano lacquer. The outside circle is made of aluminium alloy which has been anodized, the similar border craftwork to iPhone series. Compatible with iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge Plus S5 Note 5 4 3, LG G5, Nexus 6P 5X and more.

  • Square shape axis, suitable for 360 degree angle rotation.
  • Hands-free calls at anytime to let you concentrate on driving.
  • Mini size gadget looks nice and you can carry it around.
  • Magnetic force: N4800.
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