Universal Pop Socket Grip Socket Cell Phone Holder Square Retractable Bracket

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1.STEADY - The cell phone pop out grip features super strong adsorption power. Peal off the film and stick it to your phone back. About 30 minutes later, its done.

2.ONE HAND - According to users feedback, the universal phone holder was the most helpful phone accessory when it comes to holding a phone with just one hand.

Motion like selfie, texting, scrolling all requires one hand operation, and a simple grip stand can solve that.

3.FASHION - Since when phone grip expand holders became so hot? Not only useful, but also with so many colors and shapes. Our hexagon grips includes 6 colors for you to choose, all detailed with shinny phosphor powder.

4.ROTATION - Yeah, the smart phone expanding stand grip must have 360 degrees rotation. Otherwise, how can you make it to the right angle to keep the phone upright and

reducing glare? And Oh another usage by the way, you can wire your headphone cable around it. 

5.PACKAGE - What you can get is not merely a pop out grip, but also comes along with a handy grip holder! See, you can stick it to you car dashboard, bathroom wall, some places like that, for hanging your dam phone.



Color: Blue, Pink, Gold, Silver, Black, Purple

Net weight: 7g

Size: diameter 3.8cm

Package Included:

1 x Retractable Bracket


- Please refer to the measurement. Tiny measuring errors are allowable within the normal range.

- There might be a little color difference due to the monitor, camera or other factors, please refer to the physical item

No reviews yet.